The mystery of the missing video of Cisco co-founders Bosack and Lerner discussing their termination

Reflecting back upon on all things Cisco over the past year, it appears that 2008's most fascinating video about Cisco has vanished.

Venture Hacks in a blog posting headlined "Terminating Cisco Founders," featured a rare video interviewing Don Valentine - founder of Sequoia Capital as well as Cisco co-founders Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner about their termination from Cisco. You may know that Sequoia helped fund Cisco at the very beginning. However, the video was taken down by Google, according to an update to the Venture Hacks post. The post still has quotes from the video. However, yours truly believes that I have solved the mystery as to why the Google video went missing ...
It was Valentine's fellow Sequoia Capital partner - Michael Moritz, who provided the venture capital that funded Google when it was a startup. According to Wikipedia: "Google was a rare co-investment with John Doerr of rival venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and the initial public offering of the company in 2004 made him one of Wales' richest men." In the personal opinion of yours truly, a simple phone call to Google from an assistant to Moritz would have been sufficient enough to have the rare Google video removed.
But why would Sequoia Capital want Google to remove the video? Once again, this is only the personal opinion of yours truly:
"Based on the quotes cited by Venture Hacks from the video, none appear to me as too flattering towards Sequoia Captial."

So if you have a copy of this rare video or its transcript please contact Venture Hacks (, thanks!

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