The best tool for a Better Windows World!

In my blog, I speak of all the tools we can use to make A Better Windows World. Many of these help us to manage, secure and just in general make life in a Microsoft based environment better. Today I wanted to talk about the one thing that we often overlook in many IT environments, the human element. We often overlook what a value a good person can be in your organization. The skills are a necessity, the education is often desirable…but the dedication to be more than average, the drive to make sure each day you do all you can to make your network better, more secure, and create efficiencies and simpler ways for people to work. That dedication…is what really makes A Better Windows World! This over the past few weeks has become a very personal subject to me, my uncle who is only 67 years old has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Because of that illness, he does not have much time left. I sit now in a hotel room in Florida awaiting the chance to say goodbye for the last time. As I visited and talked with him, I thought about this post the idea of the most important tool that any good Microsoft or any other network in the world could have and that is a dedicated employee. My uncle was a butcher for a living and I can remember, even as a little boy that he was serious about his job. I recall his attitude and things he told me growing up, how he explained that an employer deserves the best effort you can give. That you should be proud of the day’s work you put in and that when you’re working your working there is no time for playing. My uncle expected a lot of himself and he always gave his employer a hard day’s work. He came home tired and satisfied that he did everything possible to give a good output, good quality and always with a pleasant disposition. He loved his job, he loved people and he went above and beyond to make sure they were pleased with the end result. When I entered into the workforce, I always remembered the things he said. Granted, I may not have quoted him verbatim. But it was more the demeanor, the attitude and the obvious dedication that I recalled. It is the thing that helped me to go from outsourced helpdesk person to IT Director in 5 short years. It is the idea that you’re work is your signature, your mark and you should feel satisfied each day that you did all you could. My uncle demanded a lot of those who worked for him even his son who went to work one day in the summer with his Dad. You can sum up that single day this way… You’re fired go sit in the car! The statement and that story sum up my uncles view of work. Do it right or dont do it at all. Many who have worked with me throughout the years have heard me use that phrase. Most times they look at me with a strange look before I explain that they need to step it up. Of all the things you can purchase, the hardware, software, applications, tools, devices. The best tool you can have at your disposal is person who is giving his all for the business. The best thing we can acquire for our network as the people who keep it all running. Is the attitude that we want to be our best every day, in spite of anything going on around us, we want to come home after all is said and done and be able to say I did my best. Nothing we can ever purchase for environment could be more important than that single element. The best tool for A Better Windows World….dedication.

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