1% of Cisco products generate 50% of Cisco product revenue

Stumbled upon a Cisco PowerPoint Presentation dated Nov. 17, 2008 that astonishingly revealed 1% of Cisco products generated an incredible 50% of all Cisco product revenue. Moving further down the Cisco food chain, an additional 46% of Cisco products generated only 30% more in Cisco product revenue. Finally at the very, very bottom rung of Cisco's amazing money making machine, the majority - 53% of Cisco products, generated just a mere 20% of Cisco product revenue.

Quantifying the Cisco PowerPoint Presentation in more detail:

4,500 Cisco products generated only 20% of Cisco product revenue.
3,900 more Cisco products generated an additional 30% of Cisco product revenue.
Meanwhile at the very, very top of the massively huge Cisco product pyramid, a scant 100 Cisco products generated a colossal 50% of Cisco product revenue.

The top 5 Cisco product part numbers with product description, ranked by the most product revenue generated for Cisco:

1. WS-SUP720-3B - Cisco Catalyst 6500/Cisco 7600 Supervisor 720 Fabric MSFC3 PFC3B.
2. WS-X6748-GE-TX - Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series, 48-Port 10/100/1000 RJ-45 Cisco Express Forwarding 720 Interface Module.
3. GLC-SX-MM - Cisco Gigabit Ethernet SFP, LC Connector SX Transceiver, 1000BASE-SX Short Wavelength; without DOM.
4. WS-C3750-48PS-S - Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series, 48 Ethernet 10/100 Ports and 4 SFP Uplinks with IEEE 802.3AF and Cisco Prestandard Power over Ethernet.
5. 12000-SIP-601 - Cisco XR 12000 and 12000 Series SPA Interface Processor-601.

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