Windows 7 Beta Hits The Wires

Despite the well documented failures of Windows Vista, the interest surrounding Windows 7 demonstrates there's still a strong thirst for information (and bits) about Windows 7. Sites are now reporting that the first beta release of Windows 7 (build 7000) is up and available via BitTorrent. The Windows engineering team blog ( isn't saying much yet so it's unclear if this Windows 7 build is an actually official release.

Frankly, the timing of such a "leaked" software beta release is pretty good - lots of folks have extra cycles to spending installing and checking out Windows 7, thanks to the holidays (see my blog post about IT working the week between Christmas and New Years.) What interested parties are likely to find is very similar to the the early pre-beta Windows 7 release Microsoft handed out at PDC a few months ago... a surprisingly stable Windows 7 that at least at this point appears its shed a few pounds compared to its Vista bloatware cousin.

So take an hour or two to download and checkout the beta. Even if it's not official, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you'll find, or not find, in Windows 7. Enjoy it at least until the computer manufacturers litter it will AOL, software and management software that have the potential to help Windows 7 gain back some of the weight lost.

BTW - Here's a simplistic but pragmatic definition of bloatware: Any software app that causes Windows to display (Not Responding) while it goes out to lunch doing something other what the user wanted to do. Prime examples: Microsoft Outlook 2007, Apple iTunes, and WindowsVista. 

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