Macworld Expo 2009: Wall Street's vote on the Apple keynote -- booooorrrring

Wall Street had its own reaction to Apple's Last Macworld Keynote: boring. Reuters reports that Apple's stock price slid 0.7% from the start to the end of the day, even as the NASDAQ overall gained 1.7%. The stock price had been climbing, from $85.62 to $96.38 over the past week, apparently in anticipation of the company's traditional Macworld Expo opening keynote speech. Investors, and the people who advise them, apparently thought the announcements -- including a new 17-inch MacBook Pro, and software application suite enhancements -- didn't have much upside, investment-wise. The Reuters story was excoriated by Mac fan site, Their reaction to the stock drop: "Ooh, that's a HUGE disappointment, Madway and Lawsky [the Reuters' reporters], you hacks. Why not try reporting the news instead of making it up for a change? Are there any real journalists left?" You can see details of Apple's stock market position and trends on the Reuters site.


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