VoIP is dead? - depends on what you define as VoIP

Was catching up on blogs when I found the Cisco Subnet entry called Is VoIP dead?. wow, really, am I in a dying specie of IT? did the recession finally got to my back yard? reading into the post and following first level and second level links, I realized it is perhaps a good story, but not the end of the world. VoIP is a name for so many things, people need to be more specific when they refer to it's death. to me, VoIP is everything that allow audio over IP. And that includes all the current enterprise telephony solution that I'm aware of. I tried to find a non IP based product on Cisco/Avaya/Nortel and couldn't. The real intention of the original writer as I understand it is to say that VoIP is now main stream, there are no strict VoIP products. All the current ones use VoIP but offer much more. He compares it to tcp/ip, it's dead as a product but alive in everything else. VoIP s not dead, not until a new technology will emerge and allow a better way to send audio over our sewage systems (or anything else), it might not be a competitive solution for home phones, but it is in every enterprise scale solution, it plays a major part in international service providers calls and I see an increasing demand for it as a replacement for pstn connectivity of organizations (sip trunk instead of T1 PRI). As for Vonage, they are simply going through tough times, and should also consider less pricey plans. I would change my home phone to them in a minute if it was cheaper then what I currently have. They are cheaper when comparing them to the phone service only, but the cable company bundle a discount if you get phone from them, which makes the total number in their favor (and they are probably doing VoIP also, without telling me). Long live the VoIP!

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