Windows 7: It's Still All About The XP Users

Obviously Microsoft didn't anticipate blowing through their 2.5 limit on Windows 7 downloads (despite my "blunder" comment) but Redmond's working hard to give Windows 7 its best shot at making a good first impression on several fronts. Most important, but nearly always overlooked, is the install which has been virtually flawless with Windows 7. You can thank the pains of Vista and Microsoft's continued refinement of the Vista kernel that lives on in Windows Server 2008 and now Windows 7.

Windows 7 cleans up nicely too, with a comparably stark empty desktop that's not strewn with icons from every conceivable crapware maker or OEM partner. Enjoy that part of the public beta as we are very likely to see the return of crapware on OEM machines once Windows 7 is officially released. And Microsoft's done a lot to slim down the Taskbar, Security Center, icon tray, etc. to make them easier to use.

So far there's lots of good things to say about Windows 7, and on the first impressions, Microsoft given Windows 7 about the best "soft launch" it could get. I expect we'll start to hear some of the complaints as we all get into using it, but I expect Windows 7 will ship largely as it is.

One thing that's still undeniable about Windows 7 is that it's not Windows XP. There's still a transition XP'ers will have to make, getting ride of still incompatible hardware and software, interface changes, and frankly, some missing features not carried over from XP.

In the end, those who bit the bullet and moved to Vista will likely have a much smoother transition to Windows 7. The real feedback about Windows 7 is what the Windows XP users have to say about it.

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