Comments on NW ASR 1000 review - Word of advice for upgrading to the ASR 1000

This relates to the NW post at: This is an interesting review of that new router, definitely a good indication of the device’s performance abilities. One comment I’d like to add to it is that the ASR is designated to replace the 7500 family of routers, more then it is expected to replace the 7200. It has far more horse powers then a 7200, so it might be considered an up-scale or upgrade to it but not a one to one replacement. As a VoIP addict the SBC function got my attention since we see a gap in the existing platforms, where it can scale up to 800 concurrent calls on an existing 3845. But not more (and that is when you don’t use any DSP functions in the call). The ASR has licensing for as many as 16,000 sessions so it can probably support that amount of concurrent calls. Well, it can but that is not going to be giving you the same enterprise like SBC that the 3845 is providing, the ASR SBC is a service provider scale of solution, which uses H.248 (ITU’s version of MGCP) and sip. Perhaps future configuration examples will teach us how to do that. As an SBC, it will not support Transcoding and DSP according to Cisco’s configuration manual: Another word of advice is to look into testing those devices in your network before you are listing your old 7500 on eBay. This is a new architecture with new IOS (version 2.x, not 12.x) and it might have some surprises in it. Not that this should scare you from upgrading your network, just be cautious and designate sufficient time for you and Cisco TAC to make everything work. thanks, Avner.

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