Nortel employees speak out: Hopes of becoming multimillionaires dashed

As the media dedicates many column inches discussing the future of Nortel the company, the employees are often the forgotten bit players. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has produced a documentary about two Nortel employees in Canada - Mark Lavoie and Paul Arbour - and how the specter of job cuts is looming over their heads and how it is affecting their families. These are real people with fierce loyalties to a company that "keeps letting them down," says CBC news reporter Julie Ireton in her report '16 Rounds and Still Standing'.

The title refers to the 16 rounds of layoffs at the company, according to Ireton. At the 9:00 minute timeline below, Lavoie speaks about the dashed hopes of Nortel employees becoming multimillionaires. Meanwhile at the 19:30 minute timeline, Ireton relays information that Nortel has a multimillion dollar debt payment due Thursday of this week.

Listen to documentary:

Additionally, CBC News is speculating in a report today that Nortel maybe forced into bankruptcy if it can't make its debt payments this week.

How do you feel about the dashed hopes of Nortel employees becoming multimillionaires? BradReese.Com Cisco Refurbished

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