CES video roundup: Boy, we were busy

OK, when I wasn't getting my rock star vibe on, I was able to produce a few videos at the show. Along with help from the IDG News Service, here's a list of my favorite videos and products launched at the show. Fire, floods don't stop this hard drive ioSafe's new Solo USB hard drive will keep your precious data safe from fire and floods. Keith gets a hot demo to prove it.

Screen cleaner, refreshing soft drink Forget the harmful chemicals in your standard screen or glasses cleaner, Purosol gets the job done and can quench your thirst as Keith finds out at CES 2009.

Inkjet printing at turbo speeds Memjet's new ink-jet printing technology makes pages fly out of the printer.

Enjoy the "stuff" on your hard drive Seagate's new FreeAgent Theater HD lets you easily pull pictures, video and more off your hard drive and display it all easily on your television.

Create automatic backup with any hard drive Clickfree's Transformer cable turns any manufacturer's hard drive into a backup device with the click of a button.

Cisco brings all your media together Linksys' NAS-based Media Hub brings all the music together from your local area network and provides a single view of all your tunes.

Not your grandma's photo frame IPEVO's slick new digital photo frames can rotate to a portrait orientation and can pull data wireless from your hard drives and online photo accounts.

It's a Wi-Fi World Keith sits down with the Wi-Fi Alliance's Kelly Davis-Felner to get an update on the progress of 802.11n and the continued proliferation of devices featuring a wireless connection.

Tom Hanks: Gadget reviewer Sony CEO Howard Stringer presented a futuristic pair of glasses during a keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Thursday and the audience got an instant review from actor Tom Hanks.

Palm's new Pre smart phone The Pre touch phone and webOS has unique features, but also ones that are more commonplace. With nods to the iPhone gesture controls and a flick of the finger let users scroll through picutes. You can also use two fingers to zoom in and out.

Steve Ballmer's CES solo debut Steve Ballmer took the stage Wednesday night to deliver Microsoft’s keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Lenovo's pull-out notebook screen Lenovo's unique ThinkPad W700ds is getting its official launch this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Charge gadgets via magnetic induction Tangled wires and cables for charging different devices will be a thing of the past if Powermat has anything to say about it.

Webcams go 3-D A new Webcam uses two cameras and special glasses to produce a 3-D image for video chatting.

Blu-Ray player goes mobile Now you can take high-def movies on-the-go. Panasonic has developed a portable Blu-ray Disc player with 8.9-inch screen and plans to put it on the market in the U.S. in May.

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