Former Cisco data center chief debates Cisco data center senior director

Comments to a Cisco Data Center Network Blog titled - What Is NOT Networking for the Cloud, has former Cisco data center chief Jayshree Ullal - currently the CEO of datacenter cloud networking vendor Arista Networks, debating her former Cisco colleague, Douglas Gourlay - Senior Director of Cisco Data Center Marketing and Product Management.

Gourlay's blog states:

"What does Cloud Computing demand of a network? Some have asserted that, ‘it’s all about low latency’. Others ‘its all about big pipes’. And yet another group states, ‘it is all about the end point, the network is just plumbing.’ "The most important point, about Cloud Computing is that it is in the cloud and the cloud is the Internet. The Internet has some of the longest latencies, and by its very nature the most variability in latency (except maybe satellite transmissions). So how you buffer and flow control to address variable latency is important, and I would affirm in the cloud space more important than counting nanoseconds."

Ullal's comments argue:

"No matter what the term, 'Networking for the Cloud' or Arista’s 'Cloud Networking' - the inescapable architectural shift in the Data Center, should not be confused with the larger Internet or even Virtualization and Security. "Cloud Computing requires a holistic look at network performance. Our customers and Cloud network architects don’t design to one singular metric for cloud containerization. Its a balanced cloud for predictable/low latency (in nano secs to few microseconds), non blocking 1 or 10GE throughput, guaranteed packet delivery/buffers and appropriate uplinks. Not to mention the need for resilience and open extensibility. "By placing every possible buzz word in the DC 3.0 bucket (Unified Fabric, Virtualization, Cloud, Security, list goes on ), you have highlighted the complexity of DC 3.0 as opposed the simplicity, price/performance and beauty of clouds in a data center. "Bottom line, some thoughtful Cloud Network designs are needed to parse your words and mine."

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