A Great Untapped Resource - PDC 2008 Videos

Seriously. I've gone to the Microsoft PDC web site and watched probably 20 videos since I attend PDC last year. I'm so glad Microsoft recorded all of the sessions, but I'm even happier all of these videos are open for everyone to view. You didn't have to attend PDC to watch them. 

Here's some of my top video picks, not because they are the most popular, but because I found them interesting and insightful to what's happening at Microsoft.

Welcome To The Windows 7 Desktop - If you're not inclined to download the Windows 7 public beta, this video is a great way to get a look at the new OS. You also learn some interesting factoids that the Customer Experience program has been gathering from our computers. Jump ahead 15:30 minutes into the video to skip the Windows history lesson and get to the interesting stuff. The desktop demo starts 21 mins into the video. 

Design Principles For Windows 7 - I'm always fascinated by the "why" behind how product are designed. The designers of Windows Vista used personas in their user experience process which is something I'm very familiar with doing. But Vista became a "kitchen sink" product with tons of stuff that just got in the way. Windows 7 shifted to design principles. 

Identity: "Geneva" Server and Framework Overview - Are you up on claims-based security? Microsoft announced support for OpenID at PDC and Google followed suit as a result. This is a great video if you're into security.

Identity Roadmap For Software + Services - Another security topic, this one jumps into some of the issues SaaS (S+S as Microsoft calls it) deals with for security. It's also presented by Kim Cameron who was instrumental in the Geneva work.

Expression Blend 2 Tips & Tricks - If you are moving your apps into WPF and XAML, you'll find this an interesting topic. Expression Blend is UI designer that works alongside Visual Studio.

Live Services: What I Learned Building My First Mesh Application - I don't know if you are as big a fan of Live Mesh and Live Services as I am but this video gives you both a peek at what you can do with Live Services and learnings from creating apps that use these services.

Check out the PDC site. There are likely other topics that interest you beside those I've included here.

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