Is Your Software Multi Core Ready?

Remember when you were a kid and got to stay home from school? Even in the same house, everything seemed different. Different TV shows, Different sounds in the house, etc. I like to write code in my spare time. I am not the best code jockey in the world, I just like to reprogram hardware for my hacks. When I first saw the multi core processors hit the streets, it was like being staying at home sick, the same but different. I wondered how would code jockeys deal with coherency issues, caching, etc especially in C++ to really take advantage of this new CPU architecture. This had all the trappings of a real coding mess in the making. However, the Multicore Association stepped up and help make this process much easier on all of us. They have proposed a common way to communicate with a multicore processor regardless of the CPU vendors own intercore API. This is mega coold because today the CPU vendors have proprietary APIs to communicate to their own CPUs. Any coder can tell you real fast what a pain in the tail it is to have to port-rewrite code to run your software on each CPU platform I want to run my code on. The MCAPI will greatly simplify and speed time to market for code by having code jockey's write code once and now optimize their code for some serious parallel processing to really take advantage of the true nature of a multicore CPU. The membership list in the MCAPI reads like a who's who of CPU vendors and code jockeys. Folks like; Intel, Wind River, LSI, Freescale, TI, VMWare, etc... If you get a second, click on over to: They have some great stuff here, even if you are not a code jockey. Hey, I am just hoping some video game coders like Bethsoft starts writing their games on the MCAPI... Jimmy Ray Purser Trivia File Transfer Protocol If you are really into to math and under 40 years old, then you may have a shot at the CCIE of math awards, The Fields Medal. You get a cool medal, $15K in Canadian cash and achieve something that the math prof in Good Will Hunter couldn't do.

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