Blogger catches Scobleizer with his hand in Amazon's Kindle jar

Influential blogger Robert Scoble blasts out a "news tip" to 75,000 of his closest friends on Twitter and FriendFeed, saying essentially: "Kindle's sold out! New version coming next few months."

What he doesn't disclose, but fellow blogger Louis Gray notices, is that the "news tip" includes an embedded Amazon affiliate link that would pay Scoble cash for every Kindle sale spurred by his "news."

Gray calls him on it and Scoble replies: "You caught me red handed!"

Gray charitably concludes: "I don't mind him trying out the idea, and think it's an interesting approach, but I would have preferred disclosure."

Doh! Disclosure, of course. Good idea, although I'm not sure there's enough disclosure available to cover the stench of that arrangement. Call me old school.

And, just for good measure, it's worth noting that Scoble's "news tip" really wasn't much in the way of news. As regular readers know, we covered the Kindle shortage here back around Thanksgiving.

I'm not expecting a check from Amazon.

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