Why spaghetti sauce outsells network management systems

Earlier this week, yours truly and Mike Patterson (president of network performance vendor Plixer International) were discussing Jimmy Ray Purser's excellent blog story - network management sucks, when suddenly, totally out of left field, Mike starts complaining about why spaghetti sauce outsells network management systems (NMS). What, spaghetti sauce and NMS? Well, according to Mike, there are 4 reasons why spaghetti sauce outsells network management systems: 1. Thick (i.e. Inventory) 2. Rich (i.e. Aggregation) 3. Authentic Italian (i.e. Correlation) 4. Zesty (i.e. Ease of Adds, Moves and Changes) As I began to wrap the telephone cord tightly around my neck with thoughts of committing Japanese harakiri spaghetti style, Mike saved my life by suggesting that I watch the following video: Malcolm Gladwell - What we can learn from spaghetti sauce

Well, I have to agree with Mike, after watching Gladwell's video, vendors of network management systems can learn from spaghetti sauce. Why? For example, reading Jimmy Ray Purser's blog story - network management sucks, it appears to me that NMS vendors are just as clueless about customer wants as spaghetti sauce manufacturers were in the past. Could it be possible that what NMS customers say they want is just like spaghetti sauce customers? Different from what they actually want !

Do you agree with Mike, can NMS vendors learn from spaghetti sauce? BradReese.Com Cisco Refurbished Contact: Brad Reese Twitter: http://twitter.com/BradReese Call Toll Free 866-864-0506 or International 850-364-4115

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