Replay DSM: Easy email recovery that can ease your mind!

Email is the lifeblood of many organizations. The only thing as important as email for many companies is the ability to recover lost emails. There are a few tools within Microsoft Exchange that can help accomplish the task of retrieving deleted emails, it has been my experience though, that in environments where compliance and retrieval are essential you need to call in the big guns! One product I found that combines ease of management, message level retrieval and total peace of mind is AppAssure’s Replay DSM. The thing I loved most about this product is the ability to restore items right back to an active Exchange server. Replay DSM offers several restoration options as well. You can restore the item to a restore folder, back to the original location or to PST file (which can be useful for archiving old emails). The management console looks and feels just like the Exchange management console. This makes navigating through the mailboxes or Exchange EDB’s simple. Replay DSM allows the recovery mailboxes, individual emails, folders, calendar items, notes or tasks…All without needing to take your active Exchange server down. Replay DSM allows you to open corrupted EDB’s that are unable to be mounted in Exchange, allowing you to recover the Exchange server with minimal loss. Replay DSM also includes tools for checking data store integrity. Replay DSM has the ability to search messages by filed or keywords, perform an eDiscovery (which can be output to a PST) or even perform a differential restore to a live Exchange server. I was amazed at how simple it was to use and loved the fact that you can spare the expense of a separate stand-alone server and replication software. The cost is $795 for 100 mailboxes that is $7.95 per mailbox, with the price per mailbox dropping as you more volume. For example, 500 mailboxes are $4.79 per mailbox. A small price tag compared to what losing data or worse being non-compliant can cost your organization. Download a 30-day trial of Replay DSM at AppAssure’s website There it is tool number 99 to make your world “A Better Windows World”. I know what some of you are thinking, but Windows 7 was an OS not a tool and the nVidia ION is a great solution but also not a tool. Therefore, we will call Replay DSM tool number 99.

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