Surprises and Conclusions from Our Job Surveys

Well, I was going to move on to geekier stuff today, and get back into OSPF a bit. But it just seemed like I ought to take a step back and draw some conclusions and make some observations about the surveys that we've had running for the last few weeks.

First, the survey that asked whether you'd want to be a CCNA, CCNP, or CCIE - just for 2009 - knowing the current job market, frankly, the numbers surprised me. Almost 40% of the respondents would rather be CCNP than CCIE, with $20K less per year. Admittedly, I did focus the survey just on this year, just to get a read on how much the perceived greater probability of job loss might impact the choice. I would've maybe guessed 10-20% in the CCNP category, but not the almost 40% that we got.

On that same survey, the small number of choices for CCNA I think confirms an assertion that I didn't bother to write - that a CCxP does not have the same job loss risk relative to CCNA's.

So, is CCIE waning to some degree relative to the current economy and job market? I think not, and the surveys from the last post - as always unscientific, but hopefully interesting - seem to support my opinion. Only a few people have left their CCIE studies to pursue multiple CCxP certs, and vice-versa. So, those that were already planning for either CCIE or multiple CCxP didn't change their mind.

So, what conclusions should I draw? In the short term, CCIE's are at greater risk of job loss than their less-certified/less-well-paid counterparts. But it doesn't look like the perception of the CCIE cert has fallen as a result. Agree? Could you draw other conclusions?

I'll get back to more objective topics for a few posts in the coming days and weeks.

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