Change in the VP guard apparent in Google Maps

Looks like the official residence of the vice president has emerged from the dark side, just as former VP Dick Cheney moved out and new VP Joe Biden moved in. Users of Google Maps can now see a much clearer view of the home than before, thanks to new imagery uploaded by Google. Could there be a better metaphor for the changing of the guard in Washington?

For years, Google Maps' views of the official VP residence--One Observatory Circle--had been obscured by pixelation, further reinforcing the public's view of Dick Cheney as chief of paranoia and secrecy. Google's official stand was that it had been using pictures obtained from the U.S. Geological Survey, which on its own chose to obscure the residence's details. Just last week, however, Google uploaded new images recently available from Digital Globe. The new images, which went live Jan. 18, made it just in time for Cheney's departure. Quite a coincidence.

The new pictures are clearer than before, but still a bit blurry. Check them out at ValleyWag.

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