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I am sure there are many of you out there who have searched through the Microsoft Learning site in search of information about a particular test or certification.  Most likely you found the answer to your question at  but just in case you didn't find the answer - or you just want some advice on what to use to study for a test or have questions about a certification - where do you turn to in these cases?  Well - just happens, I have the answer for that one!

Deep in the Microsoft forums is a section entitled Learning (how appropriate...) in the Learning section is a subsection entitled Training and Certification. This is the forum section for you!  In here you can ask questions about exams, certifications or just advice in general.  There are a large number of very knowledgeable people who will answer your questions (you may actually get responses from several people).  At any rate - this is another excellent resource at your disposal for training and certification information and advice.

Here is the URL for the forum:  .  By the way - there is also an RSS feed available as well!  I strongly encourage you to use this site - if for nothing else than to validate what you have learned from elsewhere.

Good luck!

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