Voice search comes to the G1

voice search
G1 users no longer need to envy the voice search capabilities of their iPhone-toting colleagues. T-Mobile issued a new firmware update to the Google Android-powered phone that adds Google's voice search feature--although CNET's Josh Lowensohn says the limitations of the G1 itself make it not nearly as interesting as the iPhone rendition.

As with the iPhone voice search, G1 users simply speak into their phone and have their voice queries translated into text. But unlike the iPhone app, G1 users need to first tap the new microphone icon in order to clue the phone in that voice search is necessary. iPhone users don't need that extra step, since the Apple phone has a proximity sensor that can tell when users are holding the device to their face--a key component the G1 lacks. The G1 flavor of voice search also doesn't make use of its internal accelerometer, so it can't tell when users switch from holding the phone in their hand to bringing it up to their ear.

Still, the new voice search function works just as well on the G1 as the iPhone. And with the rest of the new firmware fixes--including the ability to save attachments via MMS--the G1 is giving the iPhone a run for its money. And it's also nice to see the G1 isn't being forgotten as T-Mobile/HTC/Google ready their next Android-flavored phone, the G2.

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