Friday funnies: Best Microsoft-related Tweets

Yeah, yeah, we know. Microsoft certainly made twenty announcements today about some new product or technology that they may or may not introduce and it may or may not work as advertised (for instance we heard lots excitement today about the leaked Microsoft My Phone and also the leaked similar service And if we really looked, some blogger probably found more security problems with the Windows 7 beta sending the blogosphere a-panting. (It's a beta, can we all just calm down a little?) But it's Friday and its late and we at Microsoft Subnet are still working so we said to heck with it all. Let's have some fun. And fun, today, was inspired by the hilarious Web site, Best Tweets.

For those of you that need an offtopic warning, here it is. We scanned the Twitterverse and found only a few Microsoft-related chuckle-worthy tweets. But there were so many others worth sharing, many from Best Tweets, that we added a few others, too. Enjoy!

From @xiuv: I love microsoft word's XML-based document format right now. This feels so dirty. 6:41 PM Feb 6 From @hogihung: bah in order to Play Now from Netflix I need to install Microsoft Silverlight? Guess I'll just wait for them to ship me the DVD.6:42 PM Feb 6

From @hassanvoyeau: Microsoft Money 2006 install has music ... pleasantly surprised

6:10 PM Feb 6 From @TBMimsTheThird I currently have four Microsoft Office products open on my Mac. I forget. Does that mean locust plague or rain of frogs?3:34 PM Jan 25th From @pagecrusher Social networks trick me into being alone more than being a loner ever did.12:40 PM Dec 4th 2008 From @gordonshumway The woman in front of me at Kinko's dated her check as "2/3/1938". She didn't laugh when I told her I'd come from the future to correct her.7:34 AM Feb 3rd

From @Xytrex I ordered _3 star_ pad thai. She must have heard _death star_ pad thai. I'll now be delivering my 3:00 presentation in sign language.

While we're at it ... here's a a sweet list of Microsoft product teams to follow compiled today by Silverlight guru and Microsoft employee Adam Kinney.

@MSWindows @WindowsLive @liveframework @livemesh @bizspark @wmdev @microsofttag @ch9 @ch10@MIX09 @MicrsftTech4All @MSDN @SilverlightNews @ContinuumShow

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