Facebook has NOT been banned from Apple Stores

Contrary to some reports, Facebook has NOT been banned at Apple Stores

A number of sources recently reported that Apple had taken to banning customers from browsing Facebook in its Apple Stores in a concerted effort to limit the amount of time that was being spent on aimless browsing.  You might remember that in a similar move, Apple banned MySpace usage in 2007 because customers would often spend upwards of an hour, if not more, just browsing around MySpace and looking at their friends profiles.  In fact, and as is still the case today, many people were seemingly going to Apple Stores with no apparent intention of purchasing a computer, and only to do a little bit of web browsing.  Clearly, this wasn't fair to customers who were interested in purchasing a computer, and was even unfair to customers who also wanted to spend a few minutes browsing around themselves.  To combat this "hogging" of computers, Apple decided to ban MySpace altogether, and recently added Facebook to the 'banned' list.  Or did it?

Despite reports to the contrary, Apple has come out and said that it has not, in fact, banned Facebook usage at its stores.  Instead, it appears that any issues and/or decisions regarding the banning of websites are being left to the discretion of each individual Apple Store. 

It's somewhat surprising that this story got so much traction in light of the fact that one of the more intriguing features of iPhoto '09 is its Facebook integration.  That fact alone should have been reason enough to see through the fallacy of this supposed Facebook banning! So for all you Facebook addicts out there who enjoy dropping in on an Apple Store from time to time can breath a huge sigh of relief and get back to your poking and tagging.Like this post? Check out these others from iOnApple

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