The Google G1 and Privacy - Danger, Will Robinson (and everyone else)

Interesting piece on Google and the G1 in USA Today today. This is really an extension of the discussion around privacy in general, and what companies that collect personal information can do with that data. This is either a really, really serious problem (as it was for some of those who took part in the recent free-for-all Web chat that Network World sponsored), or it's a big head-in-the-sand don't care. I'm in the former camp. These guys need to be stopped.

I propose that any information gathered about a specific individual belongs to that individual. Period. This right cannot be waived, and there are some Constitutional grounds around it regardless (although, to be fair, the Constitution deals with the relationship between the government and the governed, not individuals and the corporations that supposedly "serve" them). That means that personal information may not be gathered or used in any fashion without the express permission of the information's owner. Any information would need to be deleted upon request. Period. This goes for credit bureaus, Google, and anyone else who chooses to invade someone's privacy. Period.

And to think that we're paying Google (via T-Mobile, at present) to spy on us. Are these guys smart, or what? And are we stupid, or what? I'd think twice about buying a G1, cool LINUX OS or not, until this matter is resolved.

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