Twitter is &%$@*&$ down again

Pardon my French, but I'm still recovering from Monday's post about Cursebird. (Do people still say "Pardon my French" when they mean "Sorry I'm such a potty-mouth"?)

Anyway, I was hoping to see how the Cursebird meme was doing among The Twitter People (as they're known to my 7-year-old son, Max) but for the past hour or so I've found nothing to see there except for that famous Fail Whale (actually, it says "Something is technically wrong" ... right).

At Twitter, this happens about as often as lunch. They even have a blog -- to their credit -- that's devoted to keeping users updated on their myriad technical issues. No update there yet on today's episode as I type.

Coincidentally, this morning's Twitter collapse came shortly after I had read this post in the Wall Street Journal by Kara Swisher headlined: "BoomTown Decodes the Twitter-Is-Really-Serious-Folks-About-Not-Making-$$ Memo." The gist is Swisher poking fun at Twitter founder Biz (There's No Biz Like No Biz) Stone and his inability to date to parlay Twitter's legions of loyal users and white-hot hype into any sort of revenue model.

Sure that's important, sooner or later, but what say first they get the site to work right often enough that bloggers don't have time to write posts like this during all the downtime.

Just checked again. The site still is still kaput, although now the message has changed to "database maintenance." In a few minute more it will say "Gone fishin'."

(Update: They're back ... for now.) 

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