No payments for Cisco UC deployments, up to $10M, Cisco customer receives 3 month deferral

According to an email message from Cisco to yours truly:

"Cisco is offering to finance up to $10 million per client. The 0% UC Progress payments pays the partner during the UC deployment, with the customer incurring no interest for the first 120 days. The lease with the customer does not start until the installation is complete. Now's the Time provides the customer with a 3 month no interest deferral, which is truly the deferral time period when these two offers are stacked."

The illustration below shows the payment schedule when making no payments with no interest during project deployment should a client select only the single UC Deployment offer:

Obviously, by offering clients such generous financing terms, Cisco is seeking to maintain a healthy cash flow for its valuable reseller channel. According to Keith Goodwin - senior vice president of Cisco worldwide channels, there are three key elements to Cisco’s channel philosophy: 1. Partner profitability 2. Listening to partners 3. Leading market transitions Furthermore, a reliable source familiar with Cisco reseller promotions tipped yours truly that Goodwin is also lock and loading the Cisco reseller channel with Nortel Knockout Targets as well as its upcoming Northern Exposure, the source continued:

"It appears that Cisco's Northern Exposure campaign is designed to uncover and forklift the existing Nortel network solutions in the U.S. "Primary VARs for Nortel are AT&T and Verizon, two of Cisco’s largest customers. It will be interesting to see how Cisco works its magic around stripping CPE revenue from Nortel's two largest VARs."

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