Acronis Snap Deploy 3: Disk imaging in a Snap!

With the eventual arrival of Windows 7, it makes some sense to talk about a tool that can help with deployment. I have used just about every commercial and open source imaging software out there. Of them all, the one that always seems to stick in my mind is Acronis Snap Deploy. Several features make Acronis the leader in my opinion they are: Simultaneous deployment – Perform a bare-metal installation of a single image to multiple systems simultaneously. Bootable Media options – Snap Deploy allows you to create ISO’s and RIS packages. You can also save several configurations on a single CD. Automated Deployment - Using a central management console for deployment tasks, version 3 allows you to use scheduling and even has WOL (Wake on LAN) capabilities so you can launch multiple desktop deployments during the non-business hours. Advanced options – Resize partitions, support for 64-bit Windows and deploy an image without the need to be connected to the network. Compatible with Snap deploy 2, ADS 2.0 and True Echo images Universal Deploy – Deploy images to different hardware (add drivers and use templates to ensure systems will boot after imaging. Universal Deploy is an additional add-on license but perhaps the best reason for using Acronis over other imaging software. Many organizations have the need to deploy images both laptops and desktops. I have worked in plenty of organizations where we deployed new equipment in segments. Many times the newer machines went to executives, partners or managers. Their machines were many times re-imaged and moved down to power users or long time employees. The machines they used were re-imaged and moved down to junior employees, interns and Administrative people who had older systems (usually systems that were ready for the trash) and did not have the need for power of a brand new system. Having the ability to create a standard image or even several images and install them across different hardware, manage those installs and even automate them makes Acronis Snap Deploy my choice for imaging software. The name holds true as well this is without a doubt the easiest imaging software I have ever used. I did a large-scale deployment before leaving my last position. We replaced every system in the office. Eighty percent of the machines were brand new and twenty percent were under a year old. In all we were dealing with 4 different hardware models and three different image configurations. Acronis made it the easiest deployment I have ever done to date. In fact the name says it all, it was a SNAP! You can download a free trial from Acronis here.

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