Lese Majeste most foul, in SEO-land

The Daily Telegraph asked its inhouse search engine optimization (SEO) expert to critique the British Royal Family's revamped website. He correctly pointed out a variety of SEO flaws. Indeed, the site violates quite a number of basic SEO guidelines.  At least some of those would be trivially easy to improve (e.g., use of ALT tags).  Shame, shame.

That said -- how great is the harm?  Search on British Monarchy or British Royal Family or Queen Elizabeth II or Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle and this site ranks very high, often #1. It could do a little better even so. Wikipedia sometimes outranks it, and a search on Queen Elizabeth puts the Virgin Queen -- and also an ocean liner -- ahead of the current monarch. Still, the fraction of potential visitors lost from those failings will surely be very low, perhaps excepting only those who will click on whichever of Wikipedia and the official website places higher on the search engine results page.

Bottom line:  SEO quick fixes are almost always worthwhile.  Elaborate SEO, however -- perhaps not so much.

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