Hit me with your Second Shot

I would be quite surprised if Pat Benatar has ever taken a Microsoft Certification test, but I am sure you will appreciate this new offer from Microsoft.   Certification tests can become quite expensive - especially if you have to retake one or more of them.  We are all watching our budgets and anything that comes along that can help stretch our money, the better. 

The original Second Shot program from Microsoft gave you just that - a second shot at an exam if you didn't pass it the first time. Well, the fine folks at Microsoft Learning have expanded upon Second Shot with the Career Assist Package.  Simply register for Second Shot and take advantage of the Career Assist package - which means you can get any Microsoft E-Learning collection (that is collection, not course) for just US $35.  The E-Learning collection provides 8-20 hours of on-line instructional content to help you master a product and prepare for a certification.  These course collections are normally priced up to US$350 - so you are getting quite the savings (up to 90% - I would say that is good) and once you activate the collection - it will be available for 90 days.  You do need to hurry - this offer is only valid until June 30, 2009 (hurry and call within the next 10 min  - our operators...oops, wrong commercial).

Here is an offer that is hard to beat - an opportunity to get a second chance at any IT Professional, Developer or Project Manager exam AND get access to an E-Learning collection for a nominal fee (I don't think they will double the offer if you call now - sorry).  So what do you have to lose?  Take advantage of these freebies when they come your way!

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