Do Chicagoans Sen. Roland 'Tombstone' Burris and Nortel CEO Mike Zarifovski have credibility problems?

As a former resident of Chicago (had a bachelor pad in the Belden-Stratford on Lincoln Park West) during my youthful days of manufacturing novelty risque greeting cards, am intrigued by the credibilty problems being experienced by fellow Chicagoans Sen. Roland 'Tombstone' Burris and Nortel CEO Mike Zarifovski. Yours truly needs to point out that I have no knowledge that Burris and Zarifovski are linked in any way other than both have a history as Windy City residents. But it strikes me that the two seem to be under similar clouds. Recently released documents pertaining to Sen. Burris during the impeachment trial of former Illinois Governor Rod Bagovich question the credibility of Burris and his testimony under oath at that trial. Similary, a memo from a blog that calls itself the Steering Committee of Recently Severed Canadian Nortel employees is calling into question the credibility of Nortel CEO Mike Zarifovski. According to the memo addressed to Zafirovski: "You placed us in a disadvantaged situation because you led us to believe that Nortel would be able 'to sustain adequate levels of liquidity' for at least the next year and that bankruptcy protection filings were not imminent." The memo continued: "You repeatedly assured us that there was nothing to worry about in the short term, and so you can imagine our shock and disbelief when we learned, on January 14: that Nortel was filing for creditor protection." Feeling duped by Zafirovski, severed Nortel employees had their severance payments frozen by the bankruptcy filing while Zafirovski continued to commute from Chicago by private jet, even after the bankruptcy filing.

What's your take, do Chicagoans Sen. Roland 'Tombstone' Burris and Nortel CEO Mike Zarifovski have credibility problems? BradReese.Com Cisco Refurbished Contact: Brad Reese Twitter: Call Toll Free 866-864-0506 or International 850-364-4115

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