Testing at TechEd 2009

Ok Techies - it is almost upon us!  In a few short (well, maybe more than just a few) weeks it will be time for that Microsoft Geek Week of tech extravaganza - TechEd 2009!  Yes, it is almost that time - time for over 500 Educational Sessions, time to hear from some of the Industry's experts in various fields, for a week's worth of networking - all in one event.  If you have been to a TechEd before, you know what it offers - if you haven't been to one before, you should and get there!  This year TechEd is in Los Angeles from 11-15 May.

If you are an MCP - you can get a discount code (which will be available 28 February 2009) to save $200 off the regular price (and if you register early, you can save even more!). Stay tuned for more information on the MCP code when it becomes available - it is always good to save money these days.  Speaking of saving money,  you can save money on your certification tests while you are attending TechEd.  If you so desire, you can take one or more certification tests. The certification tests will be 50% off (sounds like a 2 for 1 deal to me).  There will be a study hall with Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) present to help you prepare for your exams.  As if this wasn't enough of an incentive , If you come to TechEd, you will receive a free, one-year subscription to TechNet Plus ($349 value). 

Now you have several good reasons to attend - half-price certification exams, a free copy of TechNet Plus, attend some fantastic sessions, an attendee party (no official word yet on where or what it is this year) and it is not in the oppressive humidity of Orlando in June.  Sounds like a winner to me. 

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