QueryShark: Powerful systems reporting at an affordable price.

In these uncertain times it is necessary to save money and yet find a way to do everything we need to do on our network. One company has stepped forward in an effort to help out IT professionals everywhere. The company is Golden Bits Software and the product I am talking about is QueryShark. QueryShark allows you to run a full set of system diagnostics without installing an agent on the host computers. What is really cool about Query Shark is it literally can report on thousands of management items on your systems. These include hardware, software, peripherals, networking (IPv4 & IPv6) and even wired and wireless networks. The queries are simple to put together, literally a drag and drop option in most cases. You then have the option to bookmark and drill down into the query to get more detailed information if necessary. The results can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet. You can also customize your queries and save the results. QueryShark is a centrally managed application since it can perform a network discovery and query systems across your network. I ran it on my home network which is a modest eight machines(five physical & three virtual). Now QueryShark comes with a free license for three systems so I tested with two physical and one virtual. I was impressed when I was able to get information all three machines. As I stated in the beginning QueryShark has put a foot forward to help out those of us responsible to keep it all running. They offer QueryShark free for the first three systems and have a very small licensing fee for more systems (about $2 per system for 1000). Not a bad deal for all you get in return. Download the free version here and test QueryShark today.

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