NTT Makes Big Gains in US Markets

NTT, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation is growing their US presence, and fast. While initially situated in Japanese local telco, data/IP/voice, and mobile markets, the company continues their global growth, rising to the number three spot of the world's top telecom companies by revenue. NTT America, which is a U.S. wholly-owned subsidiary of NTT Communications is delivering many exciting and revolutionary services in a wide variety of markets, including Enterprise Hosting Services, Systems Integration Service, and Global IP Network Services. I recently had the opportunity to speak with NTT America about some of the exciting new technologies and services that are available today, and in the near future. Aside from their core transit (IP) products, including 10gbps IP transit products, NTT America offers a fully IPv4 and IPv6 dual-stack network, which other top telecom and transport companies have yet to offer. In addition, NTT America's VLink service offers Layer 2-based point-to-point virtual circuits utilizing MPLS. Full IPv6 support in a dual-stack network is still a rarity these days. Many ISPs and telco transport companies are still offering incomplete IPv6 implementations, including lack of full point-to-point support due to incomplete hop-to-hop IPv6 deployment. In addition, NTT America has been a large advocate in end-to-end IPv6 adoption, and has been instrumental in governmental and oversight advocacy to promote the essential wide-scale IPv6 deployment. What do you think? Does NTT's strengths in future-focused deployment and global architecture pose a threat to long-stay American telcos such as AT&T and Verizon?

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