Juniper's Stratus Project hopes to crush Cisco's data center plans

Maybe the most interesting thing about Juniper's Stratus Project announced yesterday is users' reaction to it. Response ranges from joy at having an alternative to Cisco to humorous derision for Juniper's scheme.

Specifically, Juniper said Tuesday it is launching a multi-year development project to create a data center platform that will unite server, storage and software. Juniper will do this by partnering to get the technology it lacks. The project is intended to compete with Cisco's so-called California Project, slated to be formally revealed on March 16 in San Francisco. The central news expected at that event is a Cisco blade server product that is rumored to be using Linux and VMware's virtualization.

Here's what two readers had to say about Juniper's Stratus Project:

From Anonymous: "long live the cisco-free data center. tired of paying more for the network than the servers. tired of the bully marketing of inferior solutions (ACE, WAAS, Mgmt). tired of needing a full department just to sweat out the IOS bugs? you're really gonna run a data center with the guys who gave you cisco works???"

From Unify: Juniper doesn't have anything or they would be releasing it! They got caught holding their imaginations and have no where to turn. I have a super special architecture that will crush all others, will blow your mind, run all OS's, run terabit ethernet, and make coffee in the morning.. Due out 2013:) Give me a break, its like little children on the playground

Whether any of it will materialize, work as advertised and be affordable remains to be seen. But the entertainment value of the news is priceless.

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