CCNA Wireless Home Lab: What should I buy?

In this post I’ve been asked to discuss what equipment you could use to perform CCNA Wireless lab exercises. The following list will allow you to perform all the tasks discussed in the CCNA Wireless outline with only a few exceptions: 2106 Controller 1250 AP or 1130 or 1131 or 1140 (depends on what you can spend.) 526 Controller (optional) 521 AP (optional) Windows 2000 Server with WCS installed (optional- but I would try to get my hands on it) Cisco Secure ACS (Download the trial if you have to just to get familiar) 3560E with POE or comparable Cisco Switch that allows 802.1q trunking and Vlans Cisco AIR-CB21AGA-K9 for doing the ADU stuff Laptop for testing the wireless configurations. (You could just put a wireless card in a desktop) Most of this list matches the actual IUWNE course. Of all the equipment listed I would say that the controller, AP and Laptop are essential, and everything else is a bonus. But seriously, if you could rent this stuff would you? I’m curious to find out how you prefer to study. Personally, I rent anything that I am studying for simply because I travel a good amount and don’t want to worry about access to the equipment. How about you?

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