Whereabouts of private jet owned by Cisco CEO John Chambers

According to the most recent IRS Form 990 (page 28) filed by Cisco CEO - John Chambers, he admirably donated $10K to the local Boys & Girls Club. Chambers has also been just as generous and charitable to Cisco stockholders by not seeking reimbursement (proxy statement, page 51, last paragraph) for the expenses he has incurred in the operation of his own private jet (view the actual photo of his jet above) when it was used solely for Cisco business. Nonetheless, the proxy statement said Cisco's board gave Chambers approval to seek reimbursement for his business use of his private jet:

"In September 2008, the Board of Directors adopted a travel policy whereby the Company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, John T. Chambers, is generally required to utilize a private airplane for business travel because his responsibilities on behalf of Cisco entail substantial national and international travel. "Mr. Chambers will be reimbursed for expenses incurred in the operation of his private plane when used solely for Cisco business provided such expenses do not exceed the market rate charged for equivalent commercial charter travel. "To date, there have been no reimbursements made to Mr. Chambers under this policy."

So where are the whereabouts of Cisco CEO John Chambers' private jet during those times Cisco TelePresence just couldn't cut the mustard? Based on available records, Chambers will fly on average 7 times a month traveling mainly around the Western U.S. and occasionally visiting more exotic locations like Hawaii and Brussels.... The New York Times quoted Chambers earlier this month regarding his jet, "I own my own plane, and that is a huge cost. I just got a new one and paid for it myself. I continue to pay for a lot of expenses on my own. I think you should take your salary down when tough times occur, and that’s my recommendation for the industry." New - Updated Daily: Where's Cisco CEO John Chambers today?

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