Juniper gives the boot to its humorous but creepy ad cartoons

Thankfully, in the opinion of yours truly, it appears that new Juniper Networks Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer - Lauren Flaherty has given the boot to Juniper's humorous but creepy ad cartoons. The ads ran for an unusually long time, for the past five years. Although I personally found the ads humorous, the illustration style of Juniper's cartoonist - Kevin Pope, left me with a kinda-sorta "weird creepy feeling" after the chuckles subsided. Why? Well to me anyways, the toon characters that were illustrated within the Juniper ads always struck me as grotesque, hideous or repulsive. To me, the ads were kinda of how a Juniper ad would look if it'd been under the direction of famed Hollywood grotesque film noir producer Tim Burton. But please don't despair if you're a die-hard fan of Pope's illustration style, because he's moved on from the Juniper gig to a much more rewarding endeavor, illustrating this extremely romantic Valentine's Day Card:

Urine guaranteed to set your sweeties heart and/or bladder aflutter* *An improvisation added by yours truly! Remarkably or unremarkably, depending on your point of view, Kevin Pope's cartoon illustrations have now totally vanished from the Juniper Networks website. Goshdarnit ! Nevertheless don't panic my young grasshoppers, because luckily below for your viewing pleasure, you can now rekindle your pent-up nostalgia for the happy times of yesteryear, those fabulous and glorious days of the Juniper Networks ad cartoons... Wheel Caveman on Ice Hesitant to Change Outdated Router Cubicle Litter Box Chopsticks Wallpaper Upgrade Chart New Dance Step Suggestion Box Saddle Up Pick Again Company Pool Data Center Map Right Flight Plan Cable Guy Times of Disaster Chicken

Am I being too harsh about the attractiveness of the toon characters that were illustrated within Kevin Pope's Juniper ad cartoons? BradReese.Com Cisco Refurbished Contact: Brad Reese Twitter: Call Toll Free 866-864-0506 or International 850-364-4115

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