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There were many good companies and services launched at the DEMO 09 morning session, but the ones that bubble up to the top of my consciousness are the ones that can instantly solve some of my problems as an end user. Granted, companies like eFormic, which offer to allow companies to help reduce their CO2 emissions through the use of eCertificates, are valuable. But I'm more interested in some of the end-user side of things, stuff I can use in my own work and home life. Here's what impressed me from the morning session: Ontier's Pixetell is on-demand software that lets users verbally and visually explain spreadsheets, designs, proposals – basically anything that's on your PC screen. Instead of using a Web-based collaboration or conferencing service like WebEx, you can create a similar demonstration or explanation of anything and then send it off in a Pixetell message. The user interface looks gorgeous, and the demo was very effective in showing what it could do. In a similar manner, the folks at Citrix Online have launched GoView, which lets users create "screen recordings" that can be sent out to other people via a hosted service from Citrix Online. Anyone who's ever had to train someone on how to do something with their computer can just click a "record" button and go through the training, rather than setting up an individual session or a meeting. It should be a boom for making training a lot less expensive, as well as other types of communicating things on your computer. Finally, the Gwabbit plug-in for Outlook ($19.95) can instantly take contact information from e-mails and transfer them into your Contacts area. Their demo was pretty funny, as the on-stage demonstrator went and copied/pasted line per line from an e-mail into the Contacts area, taking about 1.5 minutes. With Gwabbit, this process took 5 seconds. This can be extremely valuable for sales professionals, but here's how I'd use it. I'd finally be able to use the Contacts part of Outlook instead of digging through old e-mails to find a colleague's e-mail address or phone number.

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