OSPF Index

Just a quick post today to list an index for the OSPF posts over the last three months. I'll move on to the next topic before the week's up - a CCNA lab/ CCNP lab re-examination. In the mean time, here's a convenient place to start for those of you who come across this thread after today...

Fun with OSPF Type 5 LSAs 

Fun with OSPF LSA Type 5, External Type 1

Translating the Theory and Practice of OSPF: a CCNA-ish/CCNP Puzzle

OSPF Puzzle Part II - Analyzing OSPF Metrics, Human Style

OSPF Puzzle Part 3: Costs

OSPF Puzzle IV: LSA Discussion with Sample CCNP OSPF Questions and Polls

OSPF Puzzle V: Predicting Which LSAs are in Which Areas

OSPF Puzzle VI: Interpreting show ip ospf

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