New details on Cisco's upcoming blade server seems to have uncovered more details of Cisco's 'California' blade server, which is expected later this month.

The system will feature two quad-core Intel Nehalem processors and 384GB of memory, making California "denser and more powerful" than any blade server now on the market, the journal claims. This might give Cisco a leg up partners, and soon to be rivals IBM, HP and Dell, the journal notes:

"By skipping a few generations of older technology, Cisco will enter the market with very fast and extremely dense hardware."

Each California blade will sport two Intel Xeon X5570 processors, the first of the new Nehalem generation, reports. The journal states the blades will be introduced on March 16 at an event in San Francisco, and first customer shipments will begin on March 30.

Further competitive perspective is provided by this Fortune piece -- but it's probably not something you haven't already read before.

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