13 reasons social media are like sex

A Twitter quip made the Digg/Reddit/Techmeme rounds recently to the effect that "Social media is like teen sex." (I got it from this blog post.) The three reasons given in the original tweet were:

  • Everyone wants to do it.
  • No one actually knows how.
  • When finally done, there is surprise its not better.

That's cute as far as it goes, but why stop there? Here are 10 other reasons that social media are like sex, youthful or otherwise:

  • Many people's approach to social media is obsessively self-serving.
  • Many people are eager to engage in social media with celebrities.
  • It is helpful but not always crucial in social media that you be lively and entertaining.
  • A big, attractive smile can help with social media success ...
  • ... but fortunately is not required.
  • Some people keep tally of their social media successes, no matter how superficial.
  • Other people disapprove of this.
  • Indeed, some people think that having too many partners is inherently unwise.
  • Some people are inherently fickle to their social media, because they keeping being more interested in new alternatives.

And, most important:

  • Ultimately, social media success or failure depends upon how well you are communicating.

Bonus: And then, of course, there are the people who write blogs that only they read. As Woody Allen might have said, "Don't knock it -- it's conversation with somebody who's interested in me."


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