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Some tools are great because they are practical and introduce an element of fun as well. We-Fi is one such tool that I recently came upon. We-Fi is a combination of software and community that makes for a cool tool. The software installs on your laptop or mobile device (currently Windows Mobile, other platforms coming soon). The community part comes from users who will add Wi-Fi spots discovered for the first time. As users discover and add these Wi-Fi spots the next person is presented with a list of spots that have been “We-Fied”, the software finds the best connection available and you can choose to connect to that Wi-Fi spot automatically or manually. In December I needed to take a road trip down to Florida (see my post The best tool for a Better Windows World! ) on the way down, we needed to stop several times. At each of these stops, I took some time to fire up my laptop and try to find a wireless connection so I could check my email and just do a bit of surfing. I must admit I was interested in seeing how many wireless spots I could find as well. I come from NYC and you can open up your wireless connections manager in NYC and find about a dozen wireless networks to connect to at any time. Here we were driving through very rural wooded areas and even the through the occasional mountain pass. I wish I knew about We-Fi, it could have saved me a lot of time. We-Fi allows you to add friends, chat with, and locate where those friends are connected. Those are just a few of the many features of We-Fi. One thing I truly appreciated was the fact that We-Fi spots are listed as being Internet verified, not verified, requires web login and locked. Sites requiring Web login have the option of launching the page for you right from the client. We-Fi also has a site called We-Fi Web, which puts We-Fi locations on a map. I did a search of my township and found that over 980 Wireless spots were located. We-Fi currently has a database of over 17 million Wireless connections and it is growing fast. Of course, if you use this method of connecting to open Wireless connections you need to be careful. We-Fi is global as well so it is handy if you are one of those who has to be in touch wherever you are, without spending a ton of money to do so. Check out the website and download the free software from http://cf.wefi.com

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