The VideoLAN project: bringing Media to your network

When I started in the business years ago, most bosses insisted that end-users not have soundcards and/or speakers at their desks. The inclusion of audio and video in the everyday workplace has sure taken a turn into the mainstream becoming what we in Technology always knew it could be, which is a tool to increase productivity n the workplace, rather than a hindrance to productivity. I came across the VideoLAN project while writing about cross-platform tools back in August . That list focused mainly on tools for managing a cross platform environment so I did not include this tool in that list. However, I chose to revisit it for several reasons to begin with the VideoLAN project has a great media player (VLC Media Player) that is open source, cross platform and portable. The VLC Media Player supports a huge number of media files without the need for additional codec’s. It has tons of features for playback including subtitles, tools for managing media, and audio and video effects. It features plug-in for Active X, Firefox, Bonjour as well as providing support for subtitles and text. The VLC Media Player supports all the major Audio and Video formats. It also has support for DVD, DivX, and VCD to mention a few. As if that is not enough, you can use the VLC Media Player has a streaming server to stream video and audio using IPv4 or IPv6. The streaming server provides additional features such as Video on Demand and transcoding ability. The VLC Media Player is a great tool for creating streaming content to host on an intranet, extranet or for providing users with training materials. Best of all being a free and open source solution that is also a cross-platform solution. VLC Media Player is a one-stop solution for your organizations media needs.

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