Where to find Twitter humor

The New York Times blogged today about humor on Twitter, rightly suggesting that the 140-character limit inspires people to toss off one-liners.  Indeed, just such a one-liner was the genesis of a hot-meme-of-the-day, leading to my own most recent Twitter-related blog post

The NYT goes on to express concern, however, about how anybody would curate such humor, separating wheat from chaff, and suggests one option -- measuring retweets.  Well, I have another:  Look at people's "Favorites" lists. Mine, for example, is comprised of a couple dozen tweets that, on the whole, I think are pretty funny.

As with many internet technologies, you can find more -- more or less serendipitiously -- by following links.  Checking out the Favorites sections or whole tweetstreams of some of the people whose tweets are in my Favorites section turns up, not surprisingly, more funny stuff.  More or less random highlights continue:


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