So – are the router prices lower, or not?

My big theory, which we're testing in this blog space this spring, is whether the economy has created a buying opportunity for CCNA and CCNP lab gear. Looks like there are some opportunities, but maybe not across the board of different models. So, I'm going to list some prices, from 2009 vs what I found around the same time this year.

Also, while you're here, you can post about where you've seen different and better prices - I think that really does help others who are buying soon. It tempers against Wendell's structured but not scientific price surveys.

I had to have some ground rules, both last year and now, so there was some consistency in comparing prices. However, if your goal is to save$$, and you're patient, you would likely be able to beat these prices. So, here were my self-inflicted rules:

  1. Prices based on EBay, product inside the USA, prices in US dollars
  2. Use buy-it-now only
  3. Ignore single items whose price is noticably less than most other items listed on that day
  4. Use only routers that have enough memory to support the IOS's I'd want if prepping for CCNP (see table), or figure in the price of the additional memory
  5. Ignore the IOS feature set actually installed on the device (if I paid attention to that, there'd be fewer items, and I think less representative prices)
  6. Ignore cabling prices
  7. On the models that support serial interfaces, I've bundles enough HW to support 2 serial and at least 1 Eth/FastE interface (as noted below in the table)

From my exercise, it looks like the 2610, 2610XM, 1760, and 837 have dropped the most since last year. (Those items are highlighted in the table.) Several others have had no real change in price, or were even a little more expensive.

So, how do you pick which routers, and how many? Well, we need to review the pros/cons of each router. I went through that last year, but it begs to be summarized here. When I'm back week after next, I'll look at your comments, and start putting some context around which ones you might want to purchase.

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