Cisco's LRs: How many more NMTGs are there?

Word that Cisco is quietly downsizing one of its technology groups and outsourcing engineering positions might be just a microcosm of a company-wide program. How many other "LRs" -- limited restructurings -- are taking place in Cisco product groups?

My guess is, several. Consider the Network Management Technology Group (NMTG): it is comprised of several acquisitions of small companies over the years. Yet Cisco, by its own admission, is continually behind the curve in network management as the company moves at warp speed to jump on market transitions and acquire even more companies while doing so. 

NMTG could never hope to catch up -- let alone be in lockstep with -- a $40 billion giant devouring an average of eight companies a year aiming to be #1 or #2 in every market in which it competes. NMTG had a difficult time integrating its own products, let alone absorbing the instrumentation of products obtained through those eight yearly acquisitions. Talk about a no-win situation...

I'll bet you every Cisco technology group that is struggling to meet Cisco's ambition of being #1 or #2 in its target market -- optical anyone? softswitches and media gateways? -- is a candidate for the LR/outsourcing plan. NMTG may be just the tip of the iceberg.

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