Google Earth adds robbery to its list of 'transgressions'

Perhaps users of Google Earth should submit to background checks or a suitable waiting period before being allowed access to the mapping tool. In the past, Google Earth has reportedly aided and abetted crimes ranging from running down a baby deer to terrorism. Now, the app has been used for robbery, helping a criminal find and steal lead-based roof tiles that netted him nearly $140,000, according to this CNET report.

This latest Google Earth-based caper took place in the U.K., where lead-based roof tiles are commonly used on buildings ranging from schools, museums and churches. The accused, Tom Berge, used Google Earth to pinpoint promising roofs that were noticeably darker. Then, he and his accomplices used ladders, abseiling ropes and in at least one case, a stolen car, to carry off the loot.

No word yet on whether ladders, ropes and cars should also be held accountable in the scheme.

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