The Worth of Training

I had an interesting class recently - where all of the students were in the midst of a career change.  A military career change.  The members of this State's National Guard  had gone through a very intense multi-week IT training program covering numerous topics including VoIP, Windows Server 2003 and security.   What made this group  and the training so interesting was the gamut of previous experience that the soldiers brought to class.  Some of the  students had graduated from High School only a year or two before whereas others were, shall we say, not so recent graduates, of High School or even College.

What I thought was most interesting was the fact that this National Guard unit would spend so much money on IT training.  Sending 30+ people through 10 weeks of training  was a very expensive  undertaking.  Yet they thought it was a worthwhile investment of time and money.

I believe that most of the students grasped just how valuable the training they were receiving over all those weeks.  Many of them were planning on taking the various certification tests, Microsoft included, for the classes they had taken.  I hope they do it soon, as it easy to get overwhelmed with everyday activities and not have time to study and prepare.  They were an energetic group (never a dull moment in that class - either for the instructor or the students) and I hope they turn some of that energy into taking some tests!

Scouts out!

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