Will The Next Google Please Stand Up?

These are very exciting times in technology--whether you make it your livelihood or you simply enjoy all that it has to offer.

We see our world more connected than ever. Social circles expand and contract in ways never thought possible. Information is at our fingertips and we've added odd verbs into the lexicon such 'Googling'--the way we used to use Xeroxing as reference to making a photocopy. Often, my wife and I 'Google' as a matter of confirming information--we call it 'consulting the oracle' (not to be confused with that small software company).

So, if we look at the how these technologies have changed our lives and therefore, the world, it begs the question of what is next.

It is true that Google has done well in mastering search engine technology. It's also introduced applications, business helper technologies and a platform designed to speed up time to market for applications.

But, with all of this success, what's next? It's always about the next killer app, isn't it?

We've recently seen Twitter gain a lot of ground. Is there a possible acquisition of Twitter by Google as Google looks to become your place on the net? Twitter has recently been in the press as users climb aboard the train of Tweets. You can even schedule Tweets using Twuffer. And yeah, there's a lot of chatter on the limitations of Twitter, but if you do the math on all the texting going on, it's still a big deal. And Twitter ties it all together without being limited to your phone. It is hard to say what the next generation Twitter will have, but even if it's only text, it's certainly a plunge into ubiquity.

Tweet ya later.

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