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Management, security, data center and other vendors' Twitter handles

Twitter directories such as Twellow and the newer WeFollow from Digg founder Kevin Rose can go a long way toward helping you find Twitterers of interest. But when it comes down to compiling a really focused list, you have to get your hands dirty and plunge around through a bunch of individual Twitter accounts, too.

Enterprise IT pros, I've done the dirty work for you here and compiled if not the ultimate list of enterprise IT and network companies, at least a pretty good one of about 100 companies. (For those of you I accidentally missed, please make your presence known via the comments box or email me at You can follow me on Twitter here. Keep in mind, though, that I have tried to limit this list to companies providing IT/network products and services to enteprise IT customers, not to service providers or OEMs. Maybe that's a list for another time.)

Warning: The writers of these Twitter accounts aren't going to make you forget about John Updike any time soon. Many spit out exclamation points like baseball players spit out sunflower seeds. Disclaimers are common, press release headlines are the norm and many Twitter accounts look as if they're placeholders, while the companies figure out what to do with the dang things. Some companies are represented by a PR/marketing person rather than a more formal, logo-ed account. But all in all the Tweeter feeds can keep you up to date on announcements and what other customers or partners are thinking. And of course some companies, like Comcast and Dell, have been roundly lauded for their use of Twitter as a customer service tool.

Some companies, such as Cisco, have multiple "official" Twitter accounts, from generic corporate ones to more personalized ones updated by executives, such as CTO Padmasree Warrior and Doug Gourlay, VP of Cisco's Data Center Solutions Group. 

There's also DigitalCribs, which looks at consumer uses of Cisco gear. (And of course Network World's own Cisco Subnet). It looks like some guy named Francisco grabbed the plain old Cisco Twitter URL.

I've roughly organized companies by category below (and where needed have included a brief description of the company and/or tossed in a sample Tweet for fun):


AMD: The processor company calls its Twitter feed: AMDUnprocessed 


Aruba Networks

Avaya: DevConnect for developers and another feed for VoiceCon event watchers.

AVST Unified Communications

BlueArc: Network storage 

Bluesocket: Enterprise mobility

Brocade: (well, their PR guy)

Cisco Systems: main news site (Also: CiscoDC Data Center solutions; Cisco IT Inside look at Cisco IT's case studies, best practices, and experiences; CiscoLive: June/July event in San Fran, 2009 that in addition to tech will feature the B-52s and other "totally rad" acts and Ciscotelepresence


Dell: (Putting a personal touch to their Twittering, with individuals such as Richard helping out customers) Also: Dell storage

Digium: Asterisk open source IP PBX 

EMC (Also: EMC Software, EMC careers, EMC World (in Orlando in May) and  EMC IT management (Highlighting blog posts such as "What My Grandmother Taught Me" and "The Powdered Egg of IT?")

Emerson Network Power: business continuity

Emulex: Storage, server, network connectivity

Extreme Networks 

F5 Networks 

Fonality: Unified communications 

Force10 Networks:  

Hitachi Data Systems  ("New blog: Knock Knock, Who's There? EMC, EMC who?")

HP Cheer  (HP is sharing cheer on Twitter with tips, ideas and fun for 2009! "The Computer is Personal Again")

HP news

HP ProCurve news

Procurvehelp ("I'm Shane from HP ProCurve - here to help if I can. What I write are my personal thoughts/opinions & do not necessarily reflect the views/strategy of HP.")

IBM Research: Very active account with mix of videos, personal notes and links to the latest advances

IBM events 

IBM Tivoli 

IBM storage 

(Also: Bob Sutor, VP, IBM Open Source and Linux, and Ed Brill, Director, IBM Lotus End-User Messaging and Collaboration)

Infoblox (also, Infra20, and Archimedius, from Greg Ness, seniro director of marketing communications, who Tweets about networking, security, virtualization, cloud computing)

Intel (Tweeted to remind us about Daylight Saving Time) Also: Intel events, Intel blogs

Juniper Networks (Also JNetTawnee on everything Juniper, including J-Net Community Forums and social media endeavors, and JUNOSJeff on Juniper's JUNOS software)

Mitel: unified communications 

Motorola (developer's program)


NEC Unified Solutions

NetApp: Storage and data management   CEO videos, castrating bulls and more


Nortel Announcements, partner news, other tidbits 

Nortel Green: Learn how to run Nortel gear without mucking up the earth


Proxim: broadband wireless systems ("Working on some great resources for organizations looking to secure stimulus grant money for their wireless broadband networks. Stay tuned.")

Research in Motion


Shoretel: IP PBXes, unified communications 

Siemens Enterprise Communications

Silverpeak: WAN acceleration

StarWind: iSCSI SANs 

Sun Microsystems 

Sun news 

Sun blogs 

Sun President Jonathan Schwartz:   (Highlights from his blog, company financials, etc.

SunGard: software, IT services (Plus availability services


Vyatta: open source networking  ("Even The Economist gets it - 'A server, for instance, can easily function as a router.'")

Wyse Technology: thin computing  


Arbor Networks

ArcSight : Security and compliance management

Arxan: Software security. CTO Kevin Morgan

AirTight Networks  ("Learn about Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems")

BitDefender Labs

Commtouch: messaging and web security

CoreSecurity: Security testing software

Courion: Identity and access management

Entrust: Secures digital identities 

FaceTime Communications (Application management, security and quirky videos of the Larissa and Sarah Show)

Fortinet F-Secure Labs: Follow security researchers Patrik Runald and Mikko Hypponen

Kaspersky Lab   (Breach notifications, security tips, company news


McAfee McAfee Avert Labs

NitroSecurity Network and information security

Novashield: Behavior-based anti-malware

Panda Security: CEO Juan Santana also has his own Twitter account

Perimeter eSecurity

Proofpoint:  Email security, archiving and data loss prevention

Q1 Labs

Qualys: On demand IT security and compliance

ScanSafe: Security-as-a-service 

SonicWall (White papers, thank yous and even a Dr. Phil appearance mentioned)

SophosLabs: (also Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant)

Sourcefire: Intrusion prevention company founded by Martin Roesch, creator of Snort (and yes, he Tweets, too)

Symantec News/blog (plus, ones for its various products and businesses including Brightmail messaging security business and Enterprise Vault)

TippingPoint: Zero Day Initiative advisories, DVLabs postings, and even play-by-play accounts of security contests from conferences like CanSecWest

Trend Micro 

Triumpant: detects unexpected changes and conditions - like a zero-day malware attack - on endpoint computers and automatically fixes problems it finds

Trustwave: security and compliance management



Vircom: E-mail security



Websense Labs

ZoneAlarm, a Check Point Software Technologies company


Absolute Performance:  Application management/performance optimization

Akorri: performance and capacity management for the virtualized data center

Aspect Software: Contact center software  (Eating its own dog food: "Aspect UC Deployment update: OCS 2007 R2 is now live in Aspect's San Jose office! Seamless transition for more than 100 employees!")

BoxTone: Mobile management

CA main news feed

CA infrastructure management 

CA IT Services: ITIL, etc.

CA mainframe news

CA Security: (Weighed in on IBM/Sun "rumor." Cool, since most companies "don't comment on rumors or speculation")

CA Government, Risk & Compliance 

CA Information governance, records management, email management 

CA Wily APM: Application performance management

Cassatt: internal cloud software  (Twittering via Jay Fry, VP of marketing)

Compuware: IT portfolio management, service management, etc. software

Configuresoft: enterprise configuration management. (Invitations to chat...and to win giveaways)

Congruity Technologies: network logging/business reporting software for SMBs

ExtraHop: network, applications management 

Fluke Networks  Network supervision products

GlassHouse Technology: IT infrastructure services  (Twitter poll: How long have you seen a virtualization project last -- either on average or the longest?)

Gomez: load testing, performance monitoring Google Apps

Groundwork Open Source: management software

Heroix:  agentless application performance and network monitoring software ("Collecting and sharing sysadmin tips, tricks, links," including insights on IT hiring by blogger Dave Atkins)

HyTrust: Virtualization management

iCore: OS-level virtualization for Windows desktops

iPass: Mobility management  ("Any favorite ads from last [night's Super Bowl]? iPass is thinking about adding monkeys, talking babies and horses to our budget. We will do it all in 3D.")

Kace: Systems management

Kaseya: IT automation

Keynote Systems: Mobile and Internet performance tracking (Also: Keynote Mobile)

LogLogic: log management

Marathon Technologies: server disaster recovery software


Microsoft Security

Windows Azure: (Microsoft gets cloudy)

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft Research

Microsoft CIO Network: (Invite-only club for CIOs)

Microsoft virtualization team  (Hey, give em credit for jumping on that Twitter URL)

(Also: Network World's Microsoft subnet)

Netcordia: Network change, configuration management

NetIQ: Systems and security management  ("Have you changed your mailbox password?")

NetQoS: network and application performance management software and services  (They ask" "Are you a Network Rockstar?")

NetSuite: online business apps 

Novell: Ian Bruce, director of global public relations, Tweets and says Novell is formulating its Twitter plan. Some of the company's open source movers and shakers, such as Miguel de Icaza, are on Twitter. 


PacketTrap: net management. (Seeking partners) Paglo: IT management

Precise: transaction performance management 

Red Hat Software: open source software and support  ("Are you a JBoss professional? Help us develop our certification exam for application administrators")

Red Hat government news

Red Hat events/Red Hat Summit

JBoss news (JBoss is a division of Red Hat)

Ipswitch File Transfer  (Also Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold net management)

SailPoint: Identity governance Customer success site 

SAManage: SaaS IT asset management 


Shunra Software: WAN emulation/network simulation 

Surgient: Virtualization automation

Sybase:  (We're Tweeting live from the Sybase/SAP press conference on enterprise mobility [March 11]) More here

Tarmin Technologies: policy management for secondary storage environments

Trust Digital: enterprise mobility management  (Take an Enterprise Mobility Survey, maybe win a Snuggie)

Veeam: systems management in virtualized environments

Virtual Computer: PC lifecycle management/virtualization

WildPackets: network analysis Windmill Networks: network management

Zenoss: Open source monitoring


AT&T  (A main news site, plus a handful of splinter sites, such as for Business Solutions)

Clearwire: WiMAX provider (Spreading the word, offering help)

Comcast  (Plus, Comcast Cares personalities)

Mosso, the Rackspace cloud 

Qwest (questions/answers) Also: Qwest news

Sprint  (Lots of #pre-related Tweets, referring to the Palm Pre handheld) More here


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