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Last week I posted about this great opportunity to attend TechEd.  The fine folks at Born to Learn have provided more details on this contest.  Remember, the Bus is going to stop in the following cities:  Tampa, Atlanta, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Columbus, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Albuquerque, Phoenix, or Las Vegas metro areas How do you get on the bus?The short answer: Convince the Born to Learn team and the community that you’re the most passionate, knowledgeable ambassador for the MCP and/or MCT community! The details:

  • Link to the registration site where you can apply to be a Get on the Bus! contestant Complete the entry form
  • In your registration, you’ll need to select a city to compete in (Atlanta, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas)—only one city per person.
  • You’ll also need to provide us your screen name for Are You Certifiable? and a URL to an essay (on your blog, for example, or Facebook, anywhere we can read it) on why you’re passionate about Microsoft certification. For bonus points, provide us a URL to an on-line video testimonial on the same topic.
  • Then get busy: play Are You Certifiable? as much as you like (you can even start now), and your highest score in the game by the end of the entry period (April 3rd) will contribute toward your Get on the Bus! qualifying points.
  • Based on each contestant’s game score, essay, and video bonus points (if supplied), we’ll select the top 5 contestants for each city as our finalists. My team will judge the essays and videos. We’ll let you know if you’re a finalist the week of April 7th.
  • If you’re one of the top 5 finalists in each city, we’ll ask you to attend our live in-person final round when we pull into town in May.
  • The final round will consist of a live version of Are You Certifiable? and a chance for you to pitch to the community why you would be their best representative on the tour. The event will be filmed and immediately posted to Born to Learn, where our readers will vote for one contestant only.
  • We’ll announce the winner in person at the event site the next morning—if you’re a finalist, you’ll need to be there with your bags packed, because if you win you’ll need to immediately Get on the Bus as we depart for TechEd 2009!
  • To Learn more about Get on the Bus and contest rules

You can follow the bus (and competition) on Twitter: mslearning or on Facebook

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